Photo by Ross Van Pelt

16 Lots Brewing Co.

16 Lots Brewing Co. was the very first brewery in Mason, Ohio and Pop was the agency that launched their brand. We named the brewery after the first platt of land (sixteen lots) ever developed in Mason, utilized surveying tools in the logo, and continued to tell the story of the community through the extension of 16 Lots brand. By coining beers after landmarks and integrating historical illustrations to their cans, the brewery became entwined with the lore of the town. Once the Drink Lots™ slogan was created and added to their packaging and apparel, there was no turning back for Mason’s very own 16 Lots Brewing Co.

“We’ve built an incredible consumer base in Mason and are so excited to showcase our team’s talents to a totally different clientele (in our 2nd location in Covington).”

– Del Hall, 16 Lots co-owner, CityBeat Magazine

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