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a very fine

Twenty years since their last branding refresh, the Veryfine marketing team found themselves sitting on dated packaging and floundering public perception. This was a brand with a long, proud heritage founded on wholesome, small-town ideals but somewhere along the way the aesthetic morphed into tired, corporate blahs. Our investigative efforts seemed find that the brand lost its way in the 80s. There were a lot of great things that happened in the 80, this was not one of those things. And the marketing team agreed, although, some of the 100- year old equity had to be retained —the new brand couldn’t be a complete departure from the current designs that existing customers were familiar with. Not an uncommon request. We were up to the task. Some competitive analysis and internal research and we were ready to begin.

Turns out, Veryfine had an amazingly rich heritage. The brand was born in 1865, was the lifeblood of a small Massachusetts town, and had been a staple in the northeast for decades upon decades. So we leveraged that narrative—softening hard edges and their industrial font with organic shapes and an approachable serif. The color palette was updated with tones found in nature rather than in an arcade. Packaging and advertising adopted a fruit-forward appearance — real fruit photography rather than early-80s, digital illustrations. And there it was — a new-yet-old brand. Naturally.


Like the images here? All individual packaging shots are actually photorealistic-illustrations by our team.

The Veryfine Gallery


“Pop was great to work with! Creative. Responsive. Professional but personal. Over the 10 years we worked together, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Assistant Brand Manager

Before After

Before and After

The logo set the tone for the entire process. The logotype was first to go. We softened the hard edges with an approachable serif. The color palette was updated with colors found in nature rather than in an arcade. The Nerf ball-looking leaf was re-illustrated into, well, an actual leaf. Spike-like, death-flares were traded in for a soft, morning glow. (What were they thinking in the 80s?) Finally, a violator was added to acknowledge their founding way back in 1865. Much yummier now.