A brand refresh

The rebrand of a juice company that has been in existence since 1865 is a huge endeavor. Our responsibility was to embrace the equity of the 150-year old history while keeping the brand relevant to current consumers. The process required listening to brand loyalists as well as the goals of the marketing team and finding the right balance.

This project entailed logo design, developing brand standards, and then applying those standards across the board. We developed designs for each and every bottle, can, tray, and multipack SKU as well as a website, point-of-sale and a number of marketing initiatives. Please read more about one of our most comprehensive solutions.


Photo Direction
Bottle Labels
Multipack Overwraps
Aluminum Cans
Printed sales support
Cooler racks

Hit the Mark

Logo Design

The Veryfine logo, created around 1990, was showing some wear. Everyone involved felt it was a little too hard-edged and synthetic — not very representational of the juice category. The question was what to keep and what to throw away. How much equity did the mark actually have? We engaged consumers to tell us through numerous rounds of market research. In the end, Veryfine consumers felt familiar with the logo but acknowledged that it hadn’t aged well. So, we did not wipe the slate clean but rather decided to improve upon the existing logo.

Our main goal was to make the logo feel more like a juice brand. To achieve that we implemented a font that was more organic, a color palette with tones found in nature, and refined the “container”  to have friendlier lines. A violator was also integrated to call out the strong 150-year history of the brand. In the end, the Veryfine logo became what the entire team had desired — a symbol of quality juice-making.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Images below are (first) previous logo developed circa 1990 and (second) the new logo designed by Pop.


Wrap It Up

Packaging Design

After the logo was finalized, we developed brand standards and continued the project into the packaging phase. As with the logo our goal was to leverage familiarity while making the design connote quality. One way to achieve this was to use imagery of actual fruit rather than the existing illustrations that was being used. Art directing a multi-day photoshoot at local studio Bronze Photography resulted in a wonderful library of juicy photographs.

Implementing the new logo, photos and a few complimentary design elements, a template was created for Veryfine packaging. That design solution was extended across a multitude of sizes and SKUs — 8oz, 10oz, 32oz, gallon, corrugated trays, aluminum cans and multi-packs — until we had achieved consistency on the entire Veryfine line of juices.

VERYFINE PACKAGING: Multipack overwrap films (first image) and 10oz bottle labels (second image) were just a few of the package designs created by Pop.

Some Digital Punch

Website Design

Of course, no rebranding project is complete without a digital component. Once the packaging was finished, Pop designed a new website for Veryfine. The brand standards were utilized once again in this CMS-based, responsive design showcasing all of the new Veryfine packaging.

Of course there was one catch… the new packaging wasn’t actually produced yet. So in order to hit timing all products were digitally rendered. This process creates flawless images that can be used online or for traditional print purposes and enlarged to almost any size without degradation of quality.


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