New Packaging Makes a Splash

The Fruit2o brand represents great-tasting refreshment for those with an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, that message was not being conveyed through their logo and packaging. It was static and somewhat medicinal and consumers were responding accordingly.

Pop was brought in to work with the Fruit2o marketing team to bring vitality back to the brand identity. The logo had to engage consumers and packaging needed to jump off the shelf. Together we found a way to leverage successes from the brand’s past to strengthen its future.


Photo Direction
Bottle Labels
Multi-pack Overwraps
Variety Pack Overwraps
Printed sales support

Make It Pop


The first step to solving this problem was stepping back and looking at the logo. The current treatment seemed static and uninspired. The brand team wanted to convey more action and excitement.

Working with the brand team, we realized that a previous logo had delivered most if not all of the key objectives and seemed to resonate with consumers. So, why not go back to what worked? That’s exactly what we did. A throwback logo was reinstated as we created new brand standards around that centerpiece.

BEFORE AND AFTER: The brand’s existing logo (first image) wasn’t providing enough punch so a throwback logo (second image) was reinterpreted and put in place by Pop.


Put It All Together

Packaging Design

As with the logo, the current packaging wasn’t vibrant. The design was too recessive on shelf and somewhat medicinal — not conveying great-tasting flavored water. After researching the category, we saw opportunity to differentiate Fruit2o from the competition through a bold use of color. This boldness would also achieve the overall goal of making the brand identity more active.

The design was implemented on labels for all bottle sizes as well as the films for the brand’s 6-packs and multi-packs. When a promotion opportunity arose, Pop helped coordinate communication by designing limited-edition packaging that featured attention-getting violators.

FRUIT2O PACKAGING: Multi-pack overwrap films (first image) featuring a promotion violator and bottle labels (second image) were key parts of the project.

Spreading the Word

Marketing and Sales Literature

New logo implemented, check. Packaging designed, check. It was time to inform retailers and consumers alike about the new look and feel of Fruit2o.

We took the new brand standards and began to create sales material. Embodying the new vivacity of the brand, our printed materials communicated how the packaging would pop at the shelf and engage consumers.


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